About Me

Ms. Getz, a repeat Midwest transplant loves the smell of dektol and finds it silly to add vanilla scent to stop bath. Since hiding out in the art room supply closet some twenty, or rather, several years ago, she has kept photography in her life despite distractions like student loan repayment plans.

Getz has a Professional Certificate in photography from Rockport College (now Maine Media College). A former downtown Phoenix Holga’s resident, she has exhibited her photography work in Maine, Kansas, and Arizona.

Recently, Ms. Getz has worked to craft words much like she would a photograph. To imagine, to set up the tools, and wait. There is as much watching in her story telling as there is in her visual art. She has long used writing as a way to keep her film and processing costs low. Yet, lately, she wonders if someday her images will turn around and influence her writing.

Ms. Getz blogs about Capital A art right here, along with all the words and wonder of the most intimate bits of life. She hopes to spin tales that will help us all see that we are a bit more like everyone else than we first thought.

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