Portland Eats & Treats

After the bad tastes left in my mouth from my jaunt to Vancouver, I have been a bit wary about how and when to splurge on someone else’s cooking.

I recently went to food truck heaven. Home of Voodoo Donuts. The Dump Truck. Moonstruck Chocolates. Around the World Coffee.

In case you are a doubter, let me tell you, miracles do happen. I stayed in Portland for a week and I didn’t eat a single donut. I didn’t happily parade a pretty pink box from the Pearl District back to the Alphabet District. I did go into Blue Star Donuts. I swooned over flavor combos. I let my eyes settle on the $2.50 tag and then I turned and walked out the door.

My favorite kind of bar.

My favorite kind of bar.

I did walk into another little bakery on another corner and did not fare as well. The Bluebird Bakers Cookie Bar. Hello? Heaven. Cookies! Cookies happen to be my preferred form of intoxicant if you must know. I did just walk by once.

Four miles later with a bag of figs and nuts tucked in my purse, I walked into the bar giddy and left with a peanut butter cookie in my hand.

I have no clue what the name was, though it wasn’t peanut butter cookie. I taste tested a chocolate cookie. I wanted a taste of the gingerbread one too. I was strong. I stuck to just one nibble. I read the descriptions and names, which I don’t recall, and announced my choice.

It was a good choice. Nothing frilly. No culinary wonderment. No wasabi toffee. Flour+egg+butter+sugar=cookie.

I may have been able to shake off the donuts. I did cave over a cupcake though. I ate it because the bulletin board at the hostel said to eat it and I am big on personal recommendations. I think it is the only kind of advertising to trust. I once helped build a business on that belief and it worked. The dessert was also $2.50. (Which makes $2.50 for a gourmet donut seem reasonable–perspective & distance.)

At Melt, happy hour starts at 2 p.m. and lasts all night. Happy hour portions of regular plates equals dinner out at a reasonable price. Which also leaves room for dessert.

I had my first chicken and waffles experience at Melt–for $4. The corn meal in the waffles was enough to cut the sweet of the batter but not make it dense or dry. The pepper jack cheese and chives were yummy dowsed in maple syrup. I might skip the cupcake though, the frosting didn’t have the lime zing I would expect from a margarita flavored frosting.

In all truth, I’d save myself fifty cents, walk a few more blocks and get a cookie. I mean, just look at them! Cookies.


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