Snapshots from the Road

family land

The beginning.
Tasco, Kansas

I am a toe dipping type of tourist. The kind who will take one solitary path, one building with stainless steel words shooting into the sky, a plain stretch of water in front of me. I don’t see the need for all the trappings of REI or SkyMall magazine. I don’t need a sleeping bag that will keep me warm at zero degrees. Or an umbrella that will withstand gale force winds. Well, maybe the umbrella part, especially on this trip.

Here are some of the singular places and paths of this month long journey. A visual recap for those who wanted to join me in the journey. I edited out all the rain and this is what remains. Kidding. Sort of.

Whidbey Island

Fort Casey State Park
Whidbey Island, Washington



Olympic Sculpture Park, Seattle

Olympic Sculpture Park
Seattle, Washington




the clouds were no nearer Vancouver

The clouds looked no nearer than when lying on the ground.
Vancouver, Canada


The Grotto Portland OR

Stations of the Cross
The Grotto
Portland, Oregon







Forest Park
Lower Macleay Trail
Portland, Oregon


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