Desert Girl in the Rain

Here is the compendium of knowledge I have acquired since pushing off a cactus and setting my inner GPS to S-E-A. Some practical daily life points not considered by those (and by those I mean me) who reside, full-time in the desert southwest.

Coats with hoods. Handy.

Umbrellas for rain (not shade) should not be the micro mini 14 small metal parts in just the handle to make it fold small enough to fit in your child’s pocket type of umbrella. Seattle laughs at these.

Mostly cloudy is code for grey. All grey. No clouds. Not discernible ones anyway. Just the dullest, lifeless shade of grey.

The cities in the middle of the state of Washington readily advertise the number of days of sunshine per year. Proud of it and rightly so. If your town had a mountain of gold, you would advertise that wouldn’t you? I don’t see much of a difference at this point.

Moss. It is prolific. Who knew?

Cutthroat trout need protection. Again. Not on my radar.

Traveling light can be a mindset. It helps if the mindset talks to your luggage. Or offers to pay for a valet. (That’s two strikes for my mindset.)

If you wonder why Seattle is a haven for coffee and coffee snobs, I give you points one through four as listed above.

I now know I prefer grey sweaters, grey cards used for photography, and for sentimentality sake, the grey of the picnic tables in Rockport, ME. Not so much a grey sky fan. Clouds still get my vote though.

And this, dear ones, is what you get when a desert transplant shakes the sand from her feet and wanders too far north.


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