Beach House on the Horizon

These girls are fun. These girls are wise. These girls have a beach house and they are going to share it with you. Need I say more?

I’m in.

Are you?

Did I mention that all the fun this year is FREE?

A free get away to a beach house full of amazing women. Ok. So you don’t have to pack, or sweep up sand, but you might need some imagination and a few friends to make the experience more fun.

Registration starts today,  Monday Jan 14, as in Today! Right now! Sign up today and get a sweet little gift. Sign up anytime and get the Best of the Beach House 2012 eBook.

Wanna see more details about the weekend? Just click here. Or come to the pj party tonight–9 p.m. EST over at #inRL.

I have no idea where in the world I will be come April, or at least I don’t know where my mail will be addressed, but the weekend of April 26th, I’ll be connecting with women I adore from all over the world.




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