One Word version 2013

I have to admit hope was quiet at the end of the year. I could blame the cold. The change of location. I could point a finger at the general anxiety over holidays and extended time with extended family.

I believe, though, that hope held her lips tightly together because I was busy running my mouth. Not out loud, mind you. I sat in silence and watched the snow fall and the lights of town disappear under the blanket of wintertime. Silence on the outside can turn the microphone to the chaos of sound between one’s ears.

It is hard to hear your inner pleas for change when the voice in the room announces that for $10.95 you can get, not one, but two ear wax vacuums, complete with 8 changeable color tips. Never mind there are only 4 colors represented by the 8 colored tips that are designed to represent your children, husband, your family.

So, hope. Hope was the friend who never chastised me for not calling more often in 2012. She did brighten the year that started without her.

bw hope

I don’t believe that Hope left as the ball dropped. I do feel as though I have been introduced to someone new, a close friend perhaps.


Now stop. Seriously. I can hear the groans and cheers and all the cogs of the wheels in your minds racing.

sea love

This word for 2013, my one word, is not about a new romance. Except maybe a chance for me to romance life. Honestly, I know that if Love meant recognizing when a guy is asking for my number, this little word would have the lifespan of a fruit fly.

What does it mean then to romance life and live a year of Love?


I don’t know yet but I am willing to spend about 360 days figuring it out.



2 thoughts on “One Word version 2013

  1. Kelly says:

    Happy to find someone else who is choosing Love this year! Mine is inLove… I want to live inLove with God, in love with other people, and abide in Love Himself. Blessings on your year of Love!

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