Bold as Love Review

If there wasn’t conviction from the first few pages, once I got to this little gem, I was a nailed.

Bold love doesn’t ignore the fear; it steps into the place the fear is, and puts its feet squarely on love. That is the place from when we alone can stand without fear. Who do you fear the most? That person will require bold love of you.

The book Bold as Love by Bob Roberts Jr. released this week. I got a copy last week and have worked my way through it.

Bold as Love is not full of theology that requires a concordance and a Greek dictionary. It is not one that waxes poetic about esoteric nonsense. Bob simply tells us like it is. He tells us how to walk the streets Jesus would choose today. He names the company Jesus would keep in 2012. Creating a narrative based on biblical truth does not require the story to stay in the past.

What I find to be the highlight of the book is that tells of  life worked out today because of what Jesus taught so many years ago. I enjoyed hearing about cooking clubs and relationship building adventures in deserts in the Middle East.

Get your own copy over here, and don’t forget to share your copy when you are done!

Bold as Love: What Can Happen When We See People the Way God Does


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