#Itsallaboutgiving and grammar and twitter

There are so many things, ideas, people, that are beyond my grasp intellectually. I’m working on my understanding of string theory (and its application biologically in our bodies) but I can’t seem to grasp the hashtag. Is it air quotes all technified?

source: compassion international

Another little something that I don’t understand. Poverty. Children who suffer. Parents who walk away. Moms who have to leave their 2 year old alone to go gather sticks to sell in a market. Choosing who gets to eat today.

Ok. So that is more than one little something. It is a big problem and one that I may never understand this side of heaven. I’m accepting that I can’t understand it. Only because I know that my life was meant to do something about it.

I’ve already sent off my Christmas gift to Joseph, Nelson and Silvana. The three wonders that I have told you about before. Now it is time to choose a gift for someone that I don’t know and will never meet. Grace flung far from my hands to do good simply because grace was slipped into my hands in the first place.

Consider exchanging the chaos of the mall for the comfort of your home, and the ability to provide a small portion of comfort to someone else. Bring a glass of clean water to a child. Help a mom stay home with her children and still be able to feed them. Every choice on every page of the catalog will feel better and last longer than whatever plastic electronic piece of whatever (wrapped in more plastic that is impossible to remove!) you may find on a wishlist.

Know this, there is no guilt or arm twisting here. Getting information is the only way to learn. This is information I  have that I wish to share. Understanding the why of poverty is not required for anyone to take action against it. And until I get more of my grey matter to march on a different path, you are safe from posts regarding string theory and epigenetics. You are welcome.

Now off to twitter to tell all my zero followers about this wonderment. There is grace indeed even in that–the zero followers that is. Kinda of like falling down in public, getting up and realizing no one saw you. Ya. Just like that.


One thought on “#Itsallaboutgiving and grammar and twitter

  1. Christie R. Middleton says:

    What makes Lord Kelvin so special is that his approach to this question came from an entirely different point of view. He based his scale solely on the fundamental laws of thermodynamics instead of considering the properties of particular substances. This leap forward in understanding was made possible by J.P. Joule, who determined the mechanical equivalent of heat. The basic concept is often taught in schools and relates heat to the motion of molecules.

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