Pricing Fine Art Work

the beginning of the end of the project

Finishing this work took:

(aka why the artist feels like there should be a higher price on their art than the market may support)

4 killer batches of homemade caramel and 2 flops

1 prompt from a mentor

a critique group

1 online art therapy class

losing the cockroach battle

3 new living situations

my 1st ever two week vacation

3 composition notebooks filled line by line, morning by morning

2 homeopathic remedies

hours searching the internet

brainstorming trips to the hardware store, the art supply store

an inside joke with a fabricator

becoming a hardcover book stalker here

18-20 months of on again off again cutting, pasting, arranging, writing

2 hours in a small office one June day

the innards of 26 books sacrificed

the passage of milestone after milestone until it didn’t take a few girlfriends, strong coffee, and pastries to make it through the next one

multiple video calls to India at ridiculous hours

a wink across the room at breakfast

And finally, there will be art on walls. If you are in the neighborhood, consider yourself invited. 


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