Geography Lesson

Do you homeschool?  Have school aged child with homework questions? Do you discuss world events around the dinner table?

May I suggest a tool for you?

You can teach your children about geography and current events by using the Compassion website. There are children from around the world that are part of the Compassion International program–children from 26 countries now, I believe.

The child sponsorship page can be searched by country, age, gender or birthdate. Some children have symbols on their pictures, each with a different meaning. This could be a good springboard for discussions about maps and map legends. Or, for older children, you could discuss what the symbols means–one of which signifies that the child has lost a parent.

The website can be a way to start many conversations–about poverty, compassion, clean water, hunger, culture, and giving.

t-shirt from the Compassion International store

After the lesson, or the homework, maybe you let your child search for others who share his or her birthdate? This could be a way to encourage your child to pray for others–a simple print out of the page could be a reminder that the child could look at to pray for a child in need, and the child’s future sponsor.

If sponsorship is something you wish to pursue, you can click on any link in this post to direct you to the Compassion site.


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