A New Way to Give Good Gifts

For many people, September brings back to school and cooler temperatures. Thoughts of fall and all of the upcoming holidays string themselves together like a garland of days.

This is the time of year when I think I should be doing something about holiday shopping. Or I consider how or if I should be shopping. I’ve considered Christmas Change, given money to charities in lieu of gifts and to honor those I love. Each year I evaluate where I am and what matters, how I can make that evident in what I do.

September is going to be a month full of information on one of my favorite charities–Compassion International. This year you don’t have to wait until Christmas for my favorite catalog.

Consider taking another step beyond buying a gift for someone in need? Consider honoring someone you love by sponsoring a child? The cost of child sponsorship for a year ($456) might just be an amount close to what you would spend on birthday, anniversary and Christmas gifts–separately or combined.

Would you consider praying for Compassion whether or not sponsorship is for you? Can you take a minute or two and scroll through the pages of unsponsored children and pray for them and their future sponsors?


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