Hometown Focus






In light of a photo of mine showing up somewhere besides this blog, and a few other websites without photo credit, I thought I would take a moment to expand on the theme of the soon-to-be-published image.





The image that will be up on Lenscratch on August 27th, was part of a portfolio from ages ago. As far as portfolios are concerned, this wasn’t much of one. More of a themed group of images that I couldn’t quite let go of, so I labeled it a portfolio and off I flew to Portland Maine, for an interview with SCAD.

I made it into their Master’s degree program. Was granted a scholarship on the spot.

The group of images however did not get much attention from various jurors and galleries that came later.

Later, after I chose to not go to SCAD and put off my MFA.

Sometimes the lessons don’t stick the first go around. 

Sometimes a theme doesn’t let go.

These images are from my hometown and have been filed in my photo-a-day folder. They speak to me about many things but they have yet to construct a coherent paragraph. So they end up here.

Watch this space for a few more images leading up to the posting at the end of the month over here.



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