Moving Past Connection

We passed each other again yesterday.

No connection.

There was not a reason to connect, not a set time to meet, and no foretelling of the path that takes me right past you.

I can’t deny a connection in my mind. You might try. I don’t know these days.

The pull of past stories is gone, dissolved with the help of a plant…the St. Ignatius bean.

My mind however, still recognizes you when traffic rushes past. There is still a neural pathway in my mind, thinking jumps the tracks in an instant and my reaction is to wave or make a quick call to say, “I see you.”

It doesn’t take long to connect those reactions to today’s reality. The phone stays beside me, hands on the wheel, mind connecting to the task at hand—the road ahead.


Linking up with Lisa Jo. You should too. Guaranteed 5 minutes of fun for your Friday.

Five Minute Friday


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