Being Stinky

Listing faults in public can be a cry for attention. It can become another knock out session with your self esteem. Today, though, I am writing my abbreviated list of Things I Stink At to release them from the try to, need to, should be good at list.

Make way for something better, a better fit for me at least and release what is not meant to be, which is briefly stated, these things:

*Ordering at a restaurant. I have the hardest time making up my mind and usually end up regretting my order. If I was out on a date, I’d let the guy order for me not out of chivalry but because I’m lousy at ordering. This is magnified if I am hungry or tired.

*Being wrong. I could be wrong over the most ridiculously small and mundane thing but I hate it. I’m not good at backing down or admitting that I’m wrong. It is a nasty trait that hangs on like a barnacle on hull of a ship that’s been at dock too long.

*Parallel parking. It just isn’t gonna happen people. I’d rather walk a mile in sleet.

*Anything that involves a ball and running—likely at the same time. The coordination of arms and legs and keeping one’s head up for sports like basketball, tennis, volleyball–not happening. I’m more apt to duck at a ball coming over a volleyball net than actually try to hit it.

*Verbal communication. I’m a written word gal. I come from a long line of mumblers. This fact does not help with the struggle to clearly voice a thought. I apologize in advance for the difficulty this creates, and in retrospect for all of the drama that came on strong when my voice was weak.
Yes, items like being wrong and verbal communication need my attention, my effort. Admitting my struggle is important, it allows me to sit behind the steering wheel and actually navigate myself toward a different path.

I won’t however be turning down the lane towards, “You-won’t-amount-to-anything-if-you-can’t-dribble-a-basketball-ville” anytime soon. Anyone who wants to convince me I should will be forced to endure me plugging my ears and singing to myself–which sadly, is another thing to add to this list…hopelessly tone-deaf and rhythmically challenged.

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