Countertop Treatment

I stumbled across this new countertop treatment today. You are going to be thrilled at how easy it is. It will probably end up on Nester’s weekend files–what will all of its embracing her motto–It Doesn’t Have to Be Beautiful to Be Perfect. Oh wait. I think I have some of those words turned around, never you mind.

Since this was an accidental discovery, I think it best just to dive right into the how to.

No pre-cleaning necessary. Don’t even move all the gadgets and goodies on your countertop. Just proceed with haste through the rest of the steps and voila! Your black granite countertops will be an even lovelier shade of dark.

Assemble a bowl of pancake batter, pancake flipper, your favorite mug, french press, sugar bowl, a spoon or two, your creamer of choice–I suggest one of these. Also, like I said, whatever currently resides on your countertop should remain.

Now prep your french press, heat the water and pour it right in. Pull your cast iron skillet out and get it heated. Add a little coconut oil, and get ready to start cooking your pancakes. Deciding that you don’t want to knock over the coffee, skooch it back an inch.

I know that I can’t control your mind, but I think that you should believe in what you are undertaking, truly embrace the chaos. That being said, here was my thought process, should you care to take a similar path.

That might be too much coconut oil. Nah. All good. Oh wait. Where to sit this? I’ll just put it in the batter, that’ll be fine. Does the batter need more liquid? And if I move the bowl and well skooch the cup back a bit, well maybe, the press doesn’t fit so well. Too late. That went well. See. No worries. It sat right up on….

Top. Yup. I thought I had pulled it off. Alas. Instead of a lovely cup of french pressed Bustelo, I got a countertop treatment. You wouldn’t benefit from my cup of joe, but look at how it all turned out. You get this quick little refinishing tip.

If it is laundry day when you undertake this little DIY, all the better. You will have moved all the dishtowels to the washing machine, well out of reach. You see, panic helps the color set. That or all the time it takes you to remember where it is in your kitchen of 23 years you keep the dishtowels.

I should also mention that if you are thinking of tea-dying or, in this case, coffee staining anything, you could accomplish two tasks at once. The towel you select will likely remain soaking in the coffee for a bit while you try to rescue your cheese slicer, the knife caddy, your quarter cup of coffee, the pancake batter, well you get the idea.

I must apologize for not getting good photos of the actual process. Photos would probably distract you and this is truly best performed in the most fluid of motions, much like lyrical ballet.

In case you were worried, the blueberry pancakes made it through the refinishing treatment just fine.


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