Enough in Five Minutes

Enough of one year and stepping into the next.

Enough of living small and onto living even smaller. At least for awhile.

Discerning what is enough. Enough clothes to live for 3 months out of a suitcase. Or longer. Or perhaps in a new climate.

What is enough for now may not be enough for later. What was more than enough here may not stretch to be enough over there. And when is it ok to say, “Enough.” Enough of this chronic over-looking, and belittling behavior.

I believe enough is when your inner voice gets loud enough that you hear actual words. The pit of your stomach knocking at the door to your logic has gone unanswered. So enough walks straight up the stairs and speaks in a low, calm, clear voice. This. This is where to go. And you have enough to do it now.

There is more than enough here to leave. Enough friends to paddle the boat that you cannot. Enough encouragement to drown out the incessant little liar. Enough bread on a Thursday night to soothe everyone’s ruffled week.

When you have enough you can walk away and know that you will find enough again. If you are truly lucky those who have been enough for you all along will continue to be enough from far away as well.


Following the rules. Following the leader. To find both click here.


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