The Alphabet Song

..or rather the alphabet project. The mixed media one that had a title, that I have forgotten and which had the vague beginnings of an artist statement which has been misplaced.

I am slow. I make art at the same pace most 90 year olds would run the hurdles. Slow and accomplished mostly with a sideways approach to the obstacles, or rather hurdles in this illustration. The current project is by no means my longest endeavor. In fact, once I finally can approach the hurdle of the book page that is the surface I am to work on, I can usually have the piece finished in under an hour. A 25 piece portfolio created in less than 30 hours of hands on work is rather fast.

Yes it’s blurry. You don’t expect me to reveal all my secrets yet, do you?

It is all the intentional non-work thinking and fussing and writing and paper shuffling that feels endless. It also throws my productivity curve way off.

I’ve been on pause for about 6 months with this portfolio. Ok. 6 that I admit to and maybe 3 more that I am in denial about.

This week though, the fits of frustration have finally reached a boiling point. The fever of focus has broken and art is being made. Paper is getting cut. Words are being written. Needles are being threaded. There is progress once again.

Perhaps then, tonight, there shall be rest.


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