Choosing Trust & Mercy (A Giveaway)

They have done it again.

Ask and you shall receive a great product, at a reasonable price and delivered with outstanding customer service. At least that is true when the company you are asking, or rather buying from is DaySpring.

I laughed and laughed at Deidra’s post. Lucky for my delivery guy I’m not home during the day. The folks I live with are learning that when it says DaySpring on the box, it’s worth being nosey.

Even better, the folks at Dayspring, are giving one of you a free tote from their collection. I have two–you get to choose.

1) The Just Trust God jute tote


2) The Mercy oil cloth tote

Did I mention that both of these bags are on sale? Or did you hear that DaySpring is having a fabulous buy two totes, get one free sale going on right now?

Ok, just so you know. I love both. I can’t decide. That is why I’m going to make the winner choose. I’m mean that way.

Both bags are roomy and sturdy. I love the turquoise lining in Mercy tote. And the red lining o the Just Trust God is also a fun pop of color. The Mercy bag has pockets and a magnetic snap closure. The Just Trust God tote is wide and open at the top–perfect for stuffing all the goodies for a road trip, or for an afternoon at the beach. (If I get to keep the Just Trust God tote, maybe I can go to the beach to further investigate my claim!)

I also agree with Robin. A bag with a message can open a door to a conversation that needs to happen.

I wear a cross on a necklace not as an advertisement for capital punishment but as a declaration of how unworthy I am of such mercy. Honestly, catching sight of it in the mirror (or this inspiring little gem) is a reminder that I need all too often. A reminder that I have a place to put my trust.

So how, dear ones, do you get the opportunity to win one of these totes? Just subscribe to my blog. Click on Sign Me Up under my face up there in the right hand corner. Already a subscriber? Just leave a comment on this post to enter.  The winner will be contacted by email for shipping details, after I announce the big news on Friday June 15th. 


*Yes, the folks at DaySpring sent me the tote, and one to give away, for a review. Not a great review, not a perfect review, just a review. Someone should tell them to make a lower quality product if they want less than a stellar review. Once again all of this, including the disclaimer, are my opinions. Enjoy!


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