OCD Faces Off Against ADD

My bedroom is untidy. Which is to say that I am feeling off kilter. Messy does not sit well with me.

I had the glorious plan to do a little yoga this morning, despite the mess, the to-do list, and the nagging wee voice that kept chanting, “but you forgot…”

I pulled out the blue mat. I had to move a box. And moving that box meant that I really should shift those blankets and pillows.

Ok. Enough cleaning. Yoga. Stretching.

But. But. That frame is crooked.



The one in the middle is crooked. It makes me crazy.

Oh yeah, crazy. Crazy like the hiking backpack in the corner with gift wrap and art paper sticking out the top.

In the midst of this tug of war between the OCD part of my mind and the ADD bits (because really, can ADD be focused to ONE spot in your mind? I think not.), I chose to give myself a gift.

That’s right. The Christmas tree isn’t up. In fact, the box that it is in made doing yoga a bit of a squeeze in the space between said box and the wall.

I planted my feet. I stretched up my arms and bent over so that I could not see the crooked frame or the bag full of paper. And that, dear friends, is when the treasure that was buried deep in my cerebellum dislodged itself and fell to the top of my head.


Yes indeed. Breathing in YH, breathing out WH. Or Yahweh if you insist on using vowels.

The Breath of Life was the gift that called a truce on the battlefield.

YHWH is not haste. Breathing is not about whose ready with an opinion on the state of your sleeping chambers.

The in and out that keeps you up and going. It’s vital.

In yoga, some teachers say that without doing the corpse pose at the end of your routine, you lose all benefit of everything you have done before.

That was a bit wordy. So let me say repeat. Without breathing and opening at the end of stretching and reaching, you lose the ground you gained.

Even in breathing deeper, inviting more YHWH in the stretching, and bending, the twisting turns of life, you can go further. Yet, refuse to open yourself to the gift of Breath and you get the Do Not Pass Go card. 3 steps back. No ground gained.

Stiff neck your will over His. Convince yourself that you did good, by whatever it is you did and you lose all the benefits of the gift.

I did the corpse pose. I laid my body out straight and in doing so gained time and release. I found the moment where grateful just eases itself along your spine and into your mind, slipping sweetly from your lips.


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