Seven Day Shift

Life and its structure has been shifting ever so slightly for the past month. Good things are to come from this time.

It has been a little quite around here. Not because I have nothing nice to say, or feel I am running out of words. There are plenty of words rolling around, bubbling up and overflowing. They just aren’t lined up in any sort of recognizable grammatical structure just yet.

Something struck me yesterday, a short sentence that, while completely irritating, was terribly true.

For most artists, words are like tiny tranquilizers.” Julia Cameron.


I believe then, it is time to examine what is being numbed, avoided, and ignored. It is time to silence the words on a page or a screen long enough to hear what is being spoken inside my head and even to me by those I love. No books or blogs, facebook or email. No text messages, but please do call me. I’d love to hear your voice.

In the meantime, I highly encourage you to continue to esteem your mother by downloading a copy of Mother Letters. Spend some time soaking in those words. If you didn’t write to your mother as part of your celebration of her, perhaps an additional surprise is in order? Write her a letter on a random Tuesday just because–just because she made you rice krispie treats after that bad day at school, or always put braids in your hair because you wanted them.

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