Quieting the Loud

Today it has been 5 minutes-ish, with bites of veggie burger and such in between. But it is finger painting right?

So write already.


It’s all loud ranting in this bowl of bone atop my neck.

There are protests of not enough hours and whining about why I didn’t start all this sooner. The constant hissing about lack cannot be avoided. Lacking talent, testing, time. Style, edge, design and continuity.

This loud happens each time I inch my toes forward and put my face, my art and my product out in front of the masses. Over the years, and there have been many, I have formulated an answer for the Loud Critic. I have rehearsed the answer from rather formless thought to something I can speak aloud into my eyes looking back in the mirror, for the Loud crouches just behind those blue orbs, lurking in the darkness.

My darkness is loud and insistent.

I can stop the boomerang of banter by believing in a certain little metaphysical equation.

Me + Grace = Enough

(Although for tomorrow, I think there will be a modification—Me + Grace + New Shoes = Enough. 😉 )


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