Artistic ADD & A Tale of Avoidance

It has already been said that I am a cheater. I am cheating on my prime passion with another distraction.

Lent and this season of gluttony could not have been better timed.

Actually now that I think of it, the distractions, the rabbit trails of desire have been many of late.

Soap making taking over for the gaping wounds of schedules ripped clean open.

Eating unprocessed for a month to find my path back into the kitchen, praying for nourishment to extend through vessels down limbs and up into neural pathways in my mind. Working at beefing up my blood without actually consuming a cow. Hearty blood making for happier thoughts, or more thoughts that would end in my hands making art again.

The fifth paragraph is a great place to get to the telling them, you, the audience what you hinted at in the intro and by the title right? Great. Good counting. So, the point?

What’s a girl with a deadline to do? A market coming up at a fabulous little retreat in the midst of the bustling city, you say. This Saturday? As in Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and ta-da Saturday.? This one? Yup.

How about choose tonight to hone your pizza making skills? Feed the family a little culinary wonder on crust. After work and shopping where you find this fabulous cheese that is sure to dazzle your family.

You know I did, right? Then I chose to write about it. I got 2 batches of soaps wrapped. Not sure how many to go, and I am reworking my table design. Surely a table design will work its own way out while I sauté red onion, roast sweet potatoes and determine if the fennel needs roasted or not. Never you mind the screeching smoke detector or your family scampering about the kitchen doing your bidding. The deadline will work out just fine.

Yes, just fine, after work, oh and teaching. It’s on the schedule, so surely I’ll recall.

Back to the pizza because that is the real reason for this distraction.

There were several varieties. Not one the clear winner, so seconds were consumed by everyone around the table.

The breakfast pizza was a late but necessary addition–the craving for Market Basket focaccia was overwhelming as soon as the dough started to rise. (crust, tomato sauce, sautéed red onion, garlic and red bell pepper, cheddar cheese, spinach, english bacon and eggs–put on the top raw & cooked until  the yoke is set)

Sweet potato was fantastic as asauce substitute. Roast the sweet potato, squish it out of the peel right onto the crust. Top with purple haze goat cheese (fennel seed and lavender laced chèvre), some english bacon, a little rosemary salt, chopped walnuts. Maybe a smudge of finely shredded mozzarella. Delish.

Veggie. There was extra onion/garlic/pepper blend. Can’t waste. Oh and spinach. Mozzarella. Red sauce. The basics.

And the veggies that started it all. Fennel and brussel sprouts. I bought both last weekend, determined to make it to my 35 new foods before the end of my 35th year. I had seen what seemed like a tasty way to make the sprouts over at Ree’s site. I was right that she was right on. Of course, she didn’t put hers on pizza, but the girl is busy, what with a new cooking show and all. A little ricotta on the crust. Ree’s balsamic sprouts (minus the cranberries).  Some crumbled goat cheese for a little extra creamy goodness. Fennel. Drizzle a little extra of the balsamic glaze on top after it comes out of the oven.

I think, all in all that was a decent way to waste the past 6 hours of my life. My belly is full. My family is fed. The kitchen (amazingly!) is clean. I even have a few left overs to share with a friend.

Now, for the sweetest form of avoidance…..sleep.


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