Like She Said…Amazing

She speaks what He whispers.

Holley Gerth’s book points out what God already knows about each of us. It is no secret. He whispers it into our spirit, our circumstances, our bodies and our days.

You Are Already Amazing

If that seems like swallowing castor oil instead of a mocha, I get it. Holley in her patience and persistent prayers did too and she listened and wrote and struggled right through the book for us, with us. For which, I am grateful. She did not write from her high perch as a counselor but across the table as the sweetest of girlfriends.

We believe what our girlfriends say, don’t we? The trust that keeps our secrets–including just how many pounds we expect to lose before the next holiday–creates this rebar enforced, steel girded, cement strong platform of truth for all her words to rest on.

I don’t know Holley personally. I read her over at (in)courage, and her blog Heart to Heart with Holley. I’m excited to see her be part of (in)courage IRL. However, after getting through to the middle of the book, I can say that if she landed in this desert that I live in, I would happily take her to my favorite coffee house and proceed to spill the beans of my life in her lap. I wouldn’t say that about many people, or many authors.

As for the book, I don’t want to spoil the journey for you all. I want to encourage you to dig in to the lists and the charts. To answer the questions, even if it is only in your head, because the truth on the page is too much to face.

I’m a visual person, and have to say a word about the layout and design of the book. I love me a high key image and the front cover is no disappointment. Throw in the great texture of an embossed title and the sweet detail at the top, and I’m hooked. Visual guides like diagrams on the inside are a bonus. It didn’t feel like a science textbook that I would be tested on, it felt like a girlfriend who knew I would be sketching it out in my head, so she made it clear just for me.

So I’ll leave you with a few bits from my dog-eared pages…

That’s the thing about light–

we can’t save it up

or carry it back.

It’s always for now,

always for where we are today,

because it flows from the One

who is I am.


God gave us grace for a reason–he knew we’d need it. And he promises an endless supply. What matters most to him isn’t that you always get it right but instead that you stay right by his side.  (emphasis mine)


Interested in a deal? Head over here and see all the goodies that go along with the book. (Make sure you grab the discount code from the top right hand corner of the screen for 25% off…gotta love DaySpring!)

Love the book and want to talk more about it? Hear what others have to say and get insights from the author herself? You are in luck! Bloom book club is working through the book this month.

**Revell Publishing Group provided me a copy of the book through DaySpring to review. I was not paid for a positive opinion, just given a great book and this is what happened next. And that is all for the fine print.


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