Braver Than You Think

Time for a little link love and creative jump starting…Hosted by our more than 5 minute wonder, Ms. Gypsy Mama.

Its time to be BRAVE for 5 minutes:

Being brave is walking out the door with lead feet and fear burning up through your belly.

Brave is telling yourself the truth every day since.

Being brave is facing your ugly and making a list to ask someone for forgiveness.

The brave make mistakes. Walk away and shut their mouths. Bravery isn’t always in confrontation but in knowing when the battle isn’t yours to fight and making that choice clear.

Brave is giving up good for better and knowing that both are blessings.

Brave is believing someone, a job, a relationship, is better off without you. If it isn’t your gift, or God’s fit for your life, whether it feels good or not, brave lets it go. Brave is accepting and gracious, seeks peace and forgiveness. Brave isn’t always bold.

Brave is learning what is enough. That you are enough–enough to be forgiven. Enough to be loved. Enough to deserve respect and to give it back ten fold. Brave tells others that they are enough and they are loved just as they are. Brave is love with skin on.

**Time’s up. Your turn. Write, don’t think or plan or edit. Just enjoy and join the community as we read and comment our way through the list.


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