Achingly Appropriate

Five Minutes of free writing and a give away (see bottom of the post for details). Yeah!

Just 5 little minutes to say your peace on…


I’m walking by the westward facing doors, the french style doors with windows as long as the sky in Kansas. The blue there, it catches me, startling in its depth. That glowing wonder of pale blue reaching into the deep of midnight blue at the bottom of the bowl of sky above.

The blue echoes the ache of a hand hewn well in the wall of my heart.

I don’t know how to say how the blue is the same color as I feel or how the shock of it was the same as the shudder that went through me so late that evening. I was forgetful. Needing the ache of lungs as I plunged lower and felt for the bottom of this emotion and in searching found the bottom lower than I recalled.

I had thought healing would bring the bottom up. Scar tissue building another layer so that the well would become shallow over time. Not so much room to pack in more of this blue that doesn’t let you see through it.

I step outside and see more of the light lingering along the mountains and the belt of Orion shining. Both look stunning in the bottom of that dark blue. Light can do that. Make the ache of depth look like diamonds and shine like Hope.

***After my 5 minute timer buzzes….***

Provident Films has made this little give away possible. I gave a brief review of the film over here—tickets to the preview were provided free of charge and I was not compensated for a positive review. All opinions and my choice to give away what was given to me, was my decision.

How to enter so that I can share with you:

Go to the October Baby website and find a theater new you to see October Baby this month. Leave a comment that tells me if there is a theater near you playing the movie and you could win an October Baby t-shirt. (Just in case there isn’t a showing near you, you can ask to get the movie in your area. Click here for more details. Comments open until Thursday March 8th. Winner chosen at random and will be posted with my next Five Minute Friday post on March 9th. Good Luck!


One thought on “Achingly Appropriate

  1. Sue says:

    I love how your description paints a picture in he mind of the reader. Beautifully written piece.

    And thanks for stopping by my blog.

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