Jars, Water & Ash Wednesday

The Lenten season is here. Whether or not that is part of your life, your traditions, or your religious beliefs, I would encourage you to watch this video. I would challenge you to think about the opportunity that Blood:Water Mission presents.

Not convinced by the video? You can watch a slide show of facts over here.

For me it is simple. A small change made literally with change from my pocket that will affect others long term. I chose to answer Dave’s request–I am going to step into the story. How long can you make a latte last? $5 will give someone clean water for 5 years. I am a slow sipper but I can’t completely conjure up the joy felt in sharing coffee yesterday with a pal. Nor can I still feel the caffeinated buzz from the honey vanilla latte from months ago.

So for 40 days I will take water with my order, please. And go ahead and send some clean water to Africa’s table too.


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