You know what time it is right? That little slot of time when the big hand on the clock travels from one number to the next. No so much of an expense for the return of fun and fellowship with a great group of bloggers.

So today, join the 5 Minute group and share your 5 minutes worth of thoughts on Delight.


I have never been one to view the glass as half full. Sure I analyze and over analyze plenty of situations. I just don’t take time to notice the cup unless I am thirsty and it’s empty.

Which makes me wonder if I am an empty cup kind of girl?

This is my year of hope, which nicely coincides with the campaign on the radio station that I listen to on my drive to work. They seem to like the hope theme as well, which means that what fills my ears in the morning is hope. Hopeful music in which I can delight.

That must mean then that my day starts with delight pouring into my cup. Whether or not I let it continue to flow in for the rest of the day, if I choose to let it fill to overflowing, or if I believe that there is enough to share I can pour a little on those around me.

I may only notice when the cup is empty, but this year I am working to keep the hope flowing in.


One thought on “Delight-full

  1. narrowpathstohigherplaces says:

    I found you from the 5 minute Friday. It might not be so bad to be a thirsty and empty cup kinda gal. When we’re thirsty, we’re looking to be quenched and when we’re empty, there’s more room for Him. I love how you said your day starts with delight pouring into your cup. What a great image of how God uses things like music or radio stations or a million other things to fill us and point us to delight in Him. Thanks so much for sharing. Interesting things to ponder as we learn to delight.

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