Did I Mention Cookies?

I laughed at myself. I laughed even harder when I realized how my pants could be a billboard declaring who I am.

I was standing in the kitchen making up a batch of cookies for Valentine’s Day. How else do you say love? Cookies = love. Peanut butter chocolate cookies = real love. Right? I thought so.

So in the kitchen at 9:30, there I stand between the stove with chocolate and peanut butter melting together blissfully and the mixer with more peanut butter and real butter singing their little song of love. I look down and my lovely black yoga pants are spattered with powdered sugar. Sweet snowflakes dotting my legs right down to my knees.

Now you know. That’s how I roll. For the record, my sugar coated yoga pants don’t have a hole in them though. I got one up on Ree. Yes indeed, the stretchy nature of yoga pants can benefit you when you are lunging into warrior pose or you know, when you need to turn off the burner right now so that your lovely chocolate doesn’t burn but you also have a spatula in hand dripping butter and you need to keep the spatula over the counter and rrreeeaaach across the kitchen to stove. Yoga pants.

Happy Valentines Day. *

*This message is brought to you by greeting card companies and yoga pants manufacturers worldwide. Not really, but if there are yoga pants manufacturers that want to send me samples, I would be happy to bake up a batch of brownies in them to test their true abilities.


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