Double Slice of Trust

Trust these minutes to be just what you need.


I had words about trust shuffling through the layers of thoughts in my mind yesterday. Sidewalk underfoot and rays of sun lightly tapping my shoulder. I turned to see what the sunshine had to say and the metaphor for trust slipped away.

I suppose that is the way that we learn about trust. I don’t understand it when the foundation is strong and I lean heavy and nothing gives way. I learn when I am searching and gently pushing against this rotting picket fence and that dry old tree. One is scratchy and one is crumbling and neither feel like the security that trust should be offering.

This retracing of my morning walk winds me back through one door, up some stairs and back again. A hesitation and hunger draw me into her kitchen. For giggles I flip through newsprint to see what words will call my name.

And the call comes from the solid rock of trust. Words saying that when you trust in the rock that you climb you can enjoy a bigger piece of the sky. Slice me up a cloud and I will call it Trust and I will be filled.


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