Grace by 3s

My roots grow strong into the sky. First grade science lessons linger beside the pondering of tastes and flavors, the lessons I am teaching myself. The greatest of the lessons to just let go. To let my life be led by grace and not be a life of feet bound to force smallness and to suit the momentary fashion.

Tender and wise the words came to my timid mind just two days ago…today live on the edge in one way. I stuffed the challenge in with my bags to take to the market. I laughed when she spoke them to me, me peeking toes along the edge…the edge of what?

Hours later, on the other side of the valley, deep breath of bold words, two short sentences later and I had found my edge for the day.

Reporting my graces from the edge in triptychs:

graces found in friends

acceptance with her

sweet encouragement from her

laughter with her

faithfulness with her

new opportunities found with her

longing to reconnect with her (and the whole group of Five Minute Friday)


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