Marking Time with Jars of Clay

Sharing my 3 daily baby steps towards 1000 gifts in 2012

January 21st:

one in the sky—hot air balloon count today: 4

from memory—What I wanted to contribute to Gypsy Mama’s link up on Vivid but time and technology would not align…(photo coming soon…I hope!)

ugly-beautiful—This song. It played in my walkman (yes, on a cassette tape) while I ran junkyard road hoping to outrun the longing and the missing and the hard work of making me. I heard it live beside the one I thought I could outrun. The night a gift given for Valentine’s Day. Hearing it again, live, on the half-way mark through my 35th year was sweet. The song was the same but I was standing on the other side of my weak bridge. No longer running. Standing in the sounds of grace.

Jars of Clay Shelter Tour

Jonny Diaz


Looking ahead, I have an invitation to share with you after we flip the calendar page. I knew I wanted to share it with you all even before I heard Dan Haseltine speak and invite us into the story.  Here’s a hint…the initials are BWM. (And no, I didn’t mean the car BMW.)


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