Escorting Out the Old

I told my aunts the other day that I couldn’t recall being more eager to turn the page of a calender than I have been this year.

Last year was full of new. Startings butted right up against endings, with no squiggly line of rest between the two. I think my circumstances pushed the boundaries of 4/4 time.

I found myself steeping right over old to get to new. Old doesn’t take itself out to the curb. So if you are ready for a beginning, you need to start by escorting your ending out the door.

It is a stretch to walk over the heap of old which lies down on the path of your life. This climbing takes effort and desire. I did not always find both packed in the bag that I took on this journey. Getting past the gravitational pull of the old made the journey arduous. Forcing a pause between an old stone and the next could have made it more difficult.

More than anything over the past year there were faithful travelers. These fellow adventurers who shared their rations of wisdom with me. God sprinkled them just so for me. Planted oasis after oasis for me.

If it is true that we only differ from one year to the next because of what we read and who we meet–this year was a leap year for me. A special 4th (or 6th) year jubilee jump forward. I found amazing books to guide me and grow me creatively and emotionally.

And the people. The oasis that sprouts up in this desert. My, oh my, did God plan and incredible, abundant year of growth for me. People created opportunities that I am convinced were just for me. There were those who imparted knowledge for the season–about seeking shade in the heat of the day, or making the choice to hit delete when words came scorching across cyber-seas. There were annuals that held steadfast–becoming shade itself, hedgerows of safety around me.

I believe I am ready for the middle. For the space to grow. For my year of hope.



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