It’s time for Friday fun. Five minutes of fun at least. And this time around, we get to ROAR!


We were talking over morning coffee. Or maybe evening tea. The kitchen was a spattering of multiple projects bubbling away or waiting for the next ingredient.

She was overflowing with encouragement. Her words were ladders for me to climb out of my small self. Firmly spoken but soft words kept coming and sweeping over each dilemma that came from my mouth.

And then it came, her words to direct me and my response was a roar unleashed inside my skull.

All she said was, “Don’t show up that day as Art Girl.”

7 letters. Endless growling and roars inside me.* I wanted to shake my mane of unkempt morning hair and look up to the ceiling letting loose this shock wave of a roar.

I want to be Art Girl everyday, even on days that a lab coat is required.

*No one was harmed in the playing out of this story. Least of all me. Her words were sincere and full of love and good direction.


And that dear friends is my 5 minutes. Computer glitches not included. It is 5 minutes of writing, correct? 😉



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