Without Wrapping

Christmas this year is going to be another without wrapping.

New traditions are not actually traditions at all. They are still clothes with the tags on and you in the dressing room with the circus mirrors and horrid lighting wondering if it fits, or might look ok in any situation besides the cramped spot you are in now. It’s awkward.

Last year, I tried on a new Christmas tradition. Like switching from sugar to honey in your tea, or at least your first cup of tea. Then you go back to sugar for all the other mugs you drink throughout the day. Yup. That is what I did. I revised my Christmas for most people, except one little that I wanted just one more chance to watch eyes in wonder as paper was shredded.

I traded shopping in stores for shopping online, not a shocking move perhaps. These gifts don’t come with bows and don’t need batteries. I won’t see the glee in a child’s eyes over these presents. I’m ok with that because I do know the One who sees it all.

Ann has some wonderful ideas for new ways to celebrate. Perhaps you could incorporate some of these ideas as a way to transition from something old that doesn’t really work for your family anymore into something new.


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