Everything about this photo is awesome to me.

Each of the children. Awesome.

Their art, double awesome.

That some of them went back after the photo shoot to draw more, awesome.

The littlest carried around her awesome for quite some time after we were done…awesome.

The one full of crazy energy, screaming and running to me saying, “I want hugs! I want hugs from you!” So incredibly awesome.

That before and after this photo there were cookies. Totally awesome.

The mamas of each of these kids, awesome.

The sweetiest Onky (or Aunt or Auntie to you) who took the photo, awesome.

The auntie who is known by her four legged child, awesome.

The husband who did our dishes while we ate more, awesome (and I can say this only because you hit delete, right Kam?)

Awesome to the max!


3 thoughts on “Awesome!

  1. Kathy says:

    We LOVE all this awesomeness!! Each one of you kids is totally and completely and thoroughly, amazingly AWESOME and you are so so loved and important. Keep looking for awesome things EVERY DAY and your life will be so much happier. Merry Christmas!!!

    kathy and melody
    brave girls club

  2. Heather says:

    And you, my dear, are amazing awesome!! Your beauty, strength, spirituality, creativity and class make this world a better place and my life richer. And to all of our kids in that picture- you are awesome!

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