The Chain of Connection

Sneaking in 5 minutes between batches of cookies…If I leave before then, you know something is burning!



I’m not connected. Not in this internet, spinning web of technology. Perhaps the least connected of all the lovelies that I am connecting with tonight.

It suits me just fine.

Always been on the fringe. The unatheletic one in the group of cheerleaders. The one who won the scholarship for grades in the pageant. The one not making a living from her degree.

I am not connected to the parts of life that usually tie a person together.

Tonight, though, regardless of my lack of technological connections, biological connections or any other sort of common ties, I will join a group of gals that have stitched me to them. Made the exception for the oddball and call me their own anyway.

And there will be cookies. That is my kind of connecting.



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