Red Petals

Color. That’s the theme for today’s five minutes of focused writing. Well at least something like five minutes…

Yesterday’s blissful blue-green attitude has caught fire today.

Cheeks a blustering, flustered red.

Flushed from exasperation at technology. The noise in the room next door that escalates and no one remembers to shut the door. Giggles and guffaws sneak through the door at the wrong times and crimson my cheeks.

I want the quiet to take away some of the splashes of emotion that have made a crazy Pollock painting of my day.

The music on her blog soothes. Paints broad strokes of muted greens and creams across the chaos of my surroundings. The speakers are up louder than they should be but the colors, they are still quiet.

And who knows how long these fingers have been typing…so for today, this is my five minutes.

P.S. A dear customer just brought me flowers…the timing perfect. The petals flushed like my cheeks, and I thought how beautiful this red—seconds, seconds after thinking how awful the red of my face was, how hot the moment was making me.


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