Short Loop Hike

So a late post today it is. It seems that I have saved my savoring as an appetizer to my dinner.

It has been days since I put foot to path, and let burdens loose in the wild of this desert. Giving the coyotes bits of worry to feast on at night.

The sun bobs as I rise and dip my way closer to the mountain. Moon chasing us both, not wanting to miss out on this game.

My clumsy feet are heavy from the days spent on concrete, tile and stairs. My eyes watch my toes and my mouth, open, breathes out–evidence of the flatlander that I am. Before the path levels my eyes rise and see the city sitting as an old man with a pipe; motionless with a heavy ring of smoke about him.

As my feet once again find the sidewalk, I realize I am no longer focused on the many why-nots which could have kept me from these moments.


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