National Cookie Day

Cookie Day! There is such a thing. Surely it was proclaimed just for me. I can think of nothing more fitting this time of year than National Cookie Day and National Share a Christmas Cookie Recipe falling on the same day!

My close, in real life, gal pals are having our Third Annual Ya-Ya Cookie Exchange soon. (We were not aware of such wonderful national holidays, or we would have planned accordingly.) New experimental recipes sit right alongside our traditional family recipes. We eat them all and the children run squealing in delight, begging at our feet when, oh when can they have more.

I have yet to decide on my contributions to this year’s confectionery swapping. As in years past, longing with likely dictate the choosing. It’s been at least 5 years since I have spent Christmas at home with my parents. Something I know they yearn for but circumstances don’t allow.

Before sentimentality gets the best of me, on this sweet day while I daydream of Oatmeal Scotchies, here is a snippet from my list.

*traditions that anchor in changing tides

*remembering what warm, filling food is to a cold and hungry body

*being sustained

*Christmas tree lights at bedtime

*treasures tucked in alongside the tree

*being all in one place

*the gift! of advertising (check the Phoenix December issue due out on the 15th)

*friends who take you along to your favorite places–via text


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