My First Unwrapped Post

The lovely Ms. Emily invites us to join her in a little unwrapping shin-dig. I’m glad to be joining in the deep breath, feet up, pondering that tends to be the antithesis of web browsing.

For once, I did it.

I saw something that made me smile and took the time to get a camera and document it.

A silly little thing really…an espresso bubble.

A bubble of a big moment for me.

My joy was enough to document. To mark that slender second of my life with a photograph. To say, a smile is worthy of remembering. A giggle captured today is a step up out of the valley tomorrow.

So I did it. Climbed the stairs. Got the camera. Took the slightly blurry, not at all Capital A art photograph because I wanted to.

I gave myself the extra 2 minutes of grace to document wonder.

And really, that is all it was. Moments that would have been absorbed into the auto-pilot go, go, go of most mornings. Like a sponge soaking up spilled milk , without taking the time to squeeze out the goodness, the moment would just be stuck in the midst of day–perhaps souring with time. Today I squeezed out the sweetness of discovery and put it into a little glass jar with my very own name scrawled on the lid. For this moment was mine.

Thanks, Emily, for the encouragement to treasure what was already a gift.



4 thoughts on “My First Unwrapped Post

  1. Rhonda Schrock says:

    I can nearly smell that!! Love this. And a bubble – all the more wondrous because it’s so transient.

    Thank you so much for visiting. How sweet to know we share roots in the prairie. We’re traveling back there for Christmas, and everyone’s excited.

    Journalism major…now I’m curious as all get out to know if you’re using it or working in newspapers at all? ‘Cause that’s what I do on the side, writing for one. It’d be a gift to hear from a fellow newsie. 🙂

    Tuesday blessings, friend.

  2. Callie Feyen says:

    And now I believe I will go and make myself a cup of coffee – a GOOD cup of coffee – where I can savor all those “slender seconds” (love that).
    Beautiful post. (And thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment)

  3. Michelle DeRusha says:

    I think it’s just wonderful that you stopped to capture the bubble. Sometimes I feel silly taking pictures of little details like that — I find myself down on my hands in knees in the lawn or on the sunroom floor, and I wonder if my husband thinks I’m a wacko. But getting up close helps me see beauty and detail that I would miss otherwise, so despite how odd it may look, it’s worth it!

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