The Quick & the Grateful

Leftovers anyone? Still trying to find a way to eat just a little more turkey?

In the spirit of combining bits and pieces to make a meal (or in my case a life), I am mixing up a little Lisa Jo Ann Jumble. Kinda like a fruit crisp but better. No calories.

5 minutes to focus on grateful and link up.

For the feet in two worlds clutter that is a sign post for change

Hiking and adding one to the group

More cake

Pumpkin pie for breakfast

The generosity of friends who forgo good for them, to give good to me

Pondering the tree, and music and hot chocolate

Because she is right, I (you) should be around people who love you as much as you can

Books up on a bookshelf again

A display for book art…that makes me itch to finish the newest one

Another opportunity this weekend to reach out and bring back something for someone like this

The chance to cook for a grateful crowd

Only 18 more days til COOKIES

Ta-da. That is 5 minutes of focusing and filtering today and the last few days through the lens of gratitude.


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