Ending Thanksgiving Week

Yesterday I did not see the internets and they did not see me.

Sometimes that is enough of an accomplishment to be thankful for. However, yesterday’s absence was not intentional. So my Friday post is coming to you on a special day–that’s right, Saturday!

Brave Girls Club

This road to grace glazed eyes, is plotted out with road signs and rest stops like the lovely ladies over at Brave Girls Club. Melody and Kathy and all their wonderful friends and associates spread love and encouragement like few others that I know. Their encouragement is often covered in cheery paint and fabric ruffles. Perfect for a girl like me. I subscribe to their “a little bird told me” emails and this gem arrived in my mailbox recently:

Let’s embrace generosity of spirit. Let’s refuse to allow ourselves to be hurt by slights real or imagined. Let’s think the best rather than imagining the worst. Let’s really rejoice in each others’ blessings and successes and triumphs.

Let’s encourage one another, sweet girl. It is so worth it in every way.

My week started out with sharing in each other’s blessings…ok the blessing was for me too, but I know that I was truly pleased that the women linking arms with me received an equal blessing! The week ended in a group of friends squeezing into a kitchen with many boxes and far too little tape to encourage a woman we all love dearly.

If we look closely our days as well as our years cycle through the stages of grief–shock, anger, denial and acceptance can whip through us in a few seconds after a child’s temper tantrum in public. Or it can takes months as we rearrange our lives to move forward without parts of ourselves.

*JoJo’s white pizza

*Robot Soldier Prince Security Guard checking on our well being

*Spontaneous dance party full of little feet and sweet voices

*The last of countless brownies around her table

*Being in the same spot as a little man–one foot in one house and the other foot in the new space, seeing the good in the new but not sure about leaving the old

*3 minute phone calls

*Someone to drive me home

*Gene, who changes the oil in my truck–has blessed me every single time I pull into his shop. I’m never there more than 15 minutes, but every time I leave in a better place than when I came.

*All of the discoveries–delightful and difficult that you discover when you move your life


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