First Friday November 2012 Here We Come

I got a call yesterday letting me know that our group show will be hanging in the downtown Burton Barr Central Library next November. (And by we I mean me + 3 other cohorts in mixed media shenanigans.) Which is plenty of time to finish our work. And plenty of time to procrastinate finishing our work!


As I continue to refocus and push my own reset button, I decided to take the time to celebrate this not-so-minor-in-my-books event. The celebration was well worth it. Of course, any celebration that ends in gelato is worth it in my estimation.

The gratitude continues:

*gelato with C-girl

*the headache that graciously retreated, at least momentarily

*sweet potato tortelli

*the deadline

*decisions made, finally

*party planned to celebrate a home and a family and a new beginning!

*friends that supply packing tape, or brownies, or tissues, or plan play dates or consistently call to make sure your nose is still above the water line

*babies that were prayed for, longed for and now here, complete with giggles and bits of pudge in all the right spots


***Don’t miss this folks. I’m not a tech junkie, but this makes me wish I had a phone to use this app…Come on over to (in)Courage and join the talk about it.


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