Reset Button

My mind is not in the right place these days. With boxes piled high, and the car always full of one thing or another, it is hard enough to tell where I am. I each foot in a different square of the game board which just means that I am more no where than anywhere.

It is easy to feel lost in the shuffle. To lose sight of where you are headed when you can’t see over the piles around you. When the to do list is so long it is comical.

Then, in the bleary eyed moments of dawn this morning, when I am trying to remember why exactly my alarm is going off, I realize that today is Monday. And Monday means Multitude Monday. And this week of all weeks should be one where my focus shifts from panic and confusion to stillness and grace.

So I am charging myself with these things:

To water grace and not grudges

To practice stillness not smoldering anger

To walk towards newness and not just away from the old

While I walk, I will recite along the way the bits of grace stuck to sidewalk, and stuffed in between words of conversations each day. Knowing that each distraction new focus will push my reset button, I will be closer to where I want to be at the end of this week.

Here’s to five days of praise and renewal…

*short lines at the post office

*trees turning golden and red

*rain, again

*friends dropping by–out of there way–last minute to grace my day

*side by side business ventures

*a soft spot to land, with someone who knows how tiring it can be to hold tight to yourself, and hover, waiting and waiting for roommate #48 to be the last

*God already has a dream for #48

*dreams so close and so vivid that they refuse to fade in sunlight




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