Soil for Growing

Linking arms and words with Ms. Lisa Jo. She makes the rules and hosts the party. You are welcome to join us.



When I see that word, I think, “Do I really want to do this today?”

Do I?

Probably not. I also thought that bread for dinner was enough of an idea, but someone else thought salad too. So I ate it, too.

A growing appreciation.

There it is again. Appreciate. To be thankful. This black loamy compost makes the richest soil for growth. To count your fish is to add nourishment to the dirt under foot and that is really the best way to grow down roots and reach up your life.

Growth today wouldn’t happen without thanksgiving yesterday. Even the gritted teeth discipline of grateful for grace that courses through the throbs of pain. This grows us. It grows me. Grows me taller so that scales shed and eyes can see new, see others growing in their sorrows and fears.


5 thoughts on “Soil for Growing

  1. Felipe Neumann says:

    It’s amazing how being thankful does a LOT for our growth, for when we are thankful and realize the good little things must be appreciated, we become stronger with the realization they’ll not always be there, so good silly moments are something we need to treasure.

    • LolaGirl says:

      Thank you all for your encouraging words. Especially needed today since the desire to write was not there! Your remark, Felipe, reminded me of something I think Sue Monk Kidd?? wrote (and I will butcher it) about God’s mercy being like lightening bugs…little bits of light flashing in the dark. Small, amazing things that we can easily ignore.

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