You’ve been around. You have checked it out. I know you have. It might seem like it is a party for another crowd, but you could be wrong. Jump in with us. Give yourself 5 minutes to be completely and absolutely unperfect and accepted.


Check out the details at Gypsy Mama and then go blog for 5 minutes on Unexpected.

The windows broke, unexpectedly.

The door handles, both inside and out, broken, unexpectedly.

The rain, here in the desert, came, unexpectedly.

The door, that was broken, opened, without a second thought, unexpectedly the next morning. (If it’s odd, it’s God?)

The window on the left, I begged it to close. I wished it would just slip back into the spot it belonged. I wondered how this was going to help me on my journey. How would an open window make me a better person. I knew I could not expect to know the answer when I thought I needed it.

But, unexpectedly, all of the broken bits have healed. (Who really has heard of plastic spontaneously healing?) Before the big rain, the second window just slid right up as if there was never anything else for it to do.

Perhaps the only thing expected, or longing there was one of an offering of praise and thanksgiving to the One who can even heal plastic—unexpectedly.


3 thoughts on “Unexpectedly

    • LolaGirl says:

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