How I Remember

So glad to make it to Friday and my chance to play a little. Shake up my brain and see what falls out.

Remember Mikey? Try it. You might like it.

Following the Gypsy parade as we take a stroll down Remember Lane.


I can recall words from years ago hissing and sharp out of the mouth of another. I cannot remember to bring the grocery list with me to the store. What stays and what slips through seem out of my control.

I did something this morning though to help my remembering. I took a deep breath and started the list again. Dear God. I am grateful for clouds. That my car is running right now. There is gas in the tank. You made seasons and today brand new. Thank you for friends, new ones. Oh and the old ones. They have stuck around!

This kind of remembering, helps to wash away some of the grime that only seems to attract the grey and dingy stuff of life. This refocusing allows seeing, and when you slow to see, it amazing what it is you can remember. Or better yet, what you can learn to forget.

In listing the seemingly mundane, frustration slips out my broken window and wings away to be transformed. To return to the dust, fertilizer for something new.

Remembering that I am dust transforms what is broken and hurt and screaming into just more dust. More ground for growth.


6 thoughts on “How I Remember

    • LolaGirl says:

      So very true. Gratitude seems to plant me..actually while I was listing this a.m. I thought about how we get so worked up over pie in the sky stuff, when blessings are right at our very own feet.

  1. Hopeannfaith says:

    Ahh … I love this. I think it may be time for me to write another gratitude list. Thanks for bringing it to my rememberance!
    Ain’t it cool how the Holy Spirit uses us!

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