Unprocessed Unwrapped

I don’t have great stats to report.

I didn’t lose 10 lbs or sleep great every single night.

I didn’t have blood tests done before and after to compare.

The unprocessed challenge, was simple–about being simple and simply being. Knowing, considering, and tasting what goes in my mouth was the biggest goal I had. Throw in a side of buying local, and increasing organic foods in my frig and my tummy were icing on the banned cake, so to speak.

Funny thing when you open your eyes and your refrigerator, you might just find more than moldy spaghetti sauce in a jar in the way, way back. Me. I found that convenience food was a way to dig deeper into self-pity, lack, even self-hatred. None of that tastes good. When you realize that you are swallowing all of those nasty little belly-bloating, mind numbing emotions with a side of french fries, well you have 2 choices. Tell yourself a lie. Or tell yourself the truth.

In case you have a hard time deciphering the two, let me give you some clues.

The lying crowd dresses themselves like this:

*If you had money you would have more choices, might as well just eat the $5 pizza.

*It’s just you. It’s not like you are feeding this stuff to a child, a precious little person.

*I’m too tired. I’m too broke. I’m too fat anyway.


*When I’ve eaten all of the bag stuff, I’ll start buying the good stuff.

*Negativity doesn’t have calories or fat, so there is no way that stuff is making me fat.

Had enough ugly yet? How about a nice, heaping, steamy pile of fresh truth.

*You are as precious as your 3 year old.

*Picking up an apple out of the bowl on your counter takes just as much energy as digging in the pantry for the jumbo bag of chips.

*Real food satisfies. It doesn’t have to cost more, it is simply a new way of thinking.

*You can’t do anything tomorrow. You can only choose to do something now, in this moment.

*Words and thoughts affect your body, and, in my opinion, your waist line. Swallow a little truth and love with something fresh from the earth.

I may not have a reason to buy new jeans, but I have a cabinet full of canned tomatoes, and roasted veggie salsa. I have new words to tell myself and resources to use when I feel myself uttering something ugly. Plus, I’ve had some amazing times sharing good food and real conversations with friends this month. None of that comes in a box, nor can it be bought with a coupon.


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