Relatively New

Yippy for Five Minute Friday and the demand that we abandon the inner editor. You know the one…put him or her in time out and just let it go….


What is relevant in this new life? Is it relevant that the newness is nearly one year old?

One year. One year of stretching and scratching and yawning into this fresh start. One year of laboring to believe in fresh and not fermented. Not rotten, no good, not again, already done.

Relevant to me, singularly me.

Are old spaces, places and people relevant anymore?

I took a trip last night to find out. To discover that an old friend is just as fresh and lovely as 8 years ago. Finding that the trip down the same road is the same in wonderful, still relevant ways. Wondering at the expansive sensation in seeing and smelling and tasting and breathing in, finding what is appropriate for me.

What is good for me, what I am adoring, what is staying at the top of my to do list are people, nourishment, and education—a continual growth.

The people I love are the people I love, and that will never be irrelevant.


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