I have been plagued by the title to my blog for awhile now. I’m asking myself, “If she Getz them, where does she put them, because I don’t see any shots here!”

It was supposed to be the start to my photography website. You know, the one where, I the self-proclaimed wannabephotog actually puts up her work on the web. Well I’ve done away with the wannabe part, but the photog is lagging behind. I blame dollars. It’s easier that  way. Even if I know there are ways around the money issues.

I have always struggled with titles and separation. I, therefore, am the world’s worst file clerk. I cannot fathom how one piece of paper can only be about one thing, fit in only one category. I can’t fit myself into a title on a business card–hence having two or three business cards in print at any given time.

I want to have an image to post with all of these thoughts. I want life to show up in photos as much as in words. I don’t want to go back to the semester where my camera lived the life of a recluse. I am ok with being known as the one who always has a camera with her. It’s just been a long time since always happened.

I do have to confess that I struggle with the digital camera. It’s weight and shape feel awkward to me. There is stress in seeing what I captured only 2 seconds later. Waiting is a good thing as far as my work is concerned. Seeing the emotion on celluloid weeks later gives perspective that I can’t get in 2 seconds flat.

For now, I will hope that I can learn what I need from this season where cooking dominates and photography lingers. I can apply the lessons from last Friday’s post myself and learn to take 5 minutes, opening the door for what is to come. Welcoming inspiration, or even silence if just for those moments.

Staying in the remedial class on grace, and glad for repetition, and newness every morning:

*cool breezes and warm blankets

*computers that won’t play movies

*mountains of tomatoes

*new recipes to replace the old

*soap drying in the closet

*honest & kind gentlemen at the grocery store

*His words on another’s lips so that I can truly hear

*food to share

*rocks in pockets

*pumpkins and pancakes


2 thoughts on “Image-less

  1. eggthoughts says:

    It is hard to be in that in-between place! Where reality just doesn’t want to catch up with where you want to go. Thanks for being so honest, it was encouraging actually! You aren’t alone! 🙂

    “Food to share” was on my list a while back! ~Frances

    • LolaGirl says:

      Thanks Frances. You know I didn’t even think of my place as being in-between. I think I focused on stuck or afraid or unsure…but in-between is going places. That’s a great way to reframe it!

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